Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Background

I've never been a blogger, but I think my adventures with running are pretty I thought I'd find somewhere to share them. Here's a little background that will help with reading future posts on this blog:
1. I ran my first mile (EVER) in January of 2010, ran a handful of 5ks and other races, and completed 2010 with a Half Marathon in Las Vegas. Over the course of the year, I learned more about myself than I ever thought I would.
2.Running had always been something that I couldn't do. My asthma was a big problem, but so was my mind. I had always told myself that I couldn't run, so obviously, I couldn't.
3. Now, I love running. It is my vice; when I'm having a rough day, I go for a run. In that hour of running, I forget absolutely everything. I focus on my breathing, my pace, and how far I've gone. By the time I get home, I feel amazing. The sense of accomplishment takes over and makes every other part of my day feel like it never happened.
4. I now have my first running injury: posterior shin splints in my left leg. It SUCKS so bad! I've taken about two weeks off, and am going to attempt a short, slow run on an all-weather track with a group of people I'm supposed to run a half marathon with in April. We're running at 10am. Wish me luck!

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