Monday, March 28, 2011

I decided to enter the Fitness Magazine Cover Contest...go vote for me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well...those are going to be my mode of transportation for the next 6 weeks. Yup, 6 WEEKS.

I finally went in to the doctor on Monday to get my leg checked, because the pain was pretty constant. When I originally walked into the office, the doctor told me that I wouldn't be leaving that day without a cast or a boot, but we'd need an Xray to determine which. She felt down the bone and was surprised by the excruciating pain I was having about 3 inches above my ankle on my left tibia.

I walked all the way to the other side of Kaiser, into the hospital, and had my xray done. I then had to walk back to the doctor's office (not very nice for someone with leg pain!) and waiting in a room for 45 minutes for the xray to come back. The doctor found nothing in the pictures. She went and talked to the podiatrist and the orthopedist, and the three of them decided that I most likely have small tears in the muscle that runs along the tibia, and that crutches would be the best option. The orthopedist was adamant that the muscle needed to move and that it needed to recover with no body weight on it for a significant period of time in order to fully heal. I was also told that if I chose to be stubborn and run my half marathon in April that I would most likely break my leg in the process. That was enough for half in April. (However, I'm planning on driving up the morning of the half and cheering on the group that is still running it. I can't wait!)

Before leaving the doctor's office, she told me that in 6 weeks if I'm still having pain, then we should do an MRI. In my opinion (and many others at work that I have talked to), I should just get the MRI done now so that I don't do a whole 6 weeks with these crutches, and then have it be for nothing! Crutches are not easy or fun!

My students have really stepped up to help me out. They get me everything I need, and they really enjoy being little helpers! That's the good part about this. We'll see what else comes of it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another race in the bag!

Remember I wrote about how important a buddy is? buddy surprised me this morning at my 10k with a sign!

So proud of myself...and this is one of the major reasons I run. Crossing the finish line feels amazing every single time. I have the feeling it will never get old. Working towards a goal is what I survive on. I had 2 goals for this race: to run the 10k in under and hour (still waiting for my official time), and to run the ENTIRE thing. Any by entire, I mean ENTIRE. And I did! Didn't even take 2 walking steps for water. I brought my own and drank it while I ran.

Bring on that Half Marathon in April!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

2 Parts

I'm going to break the rules here and write a two-part entry. Two totally unrelated ideas in one blog.

Part 1: Get a buddy!
After talking to one of my closest friends tonight about weight loss, it occurred to me just how vital she has been in my weight loss efforts. I've lost around 40 lbs, and I have to credit my progress in large part to her (read her blog at Now don't get the idea that we constantly discuss exercise, food, and weight loss. We do talk about it a lot, but certainly not constantly. Vickie and I work together and spend a large amount of our free time together. Just being around her and seeing the healthy choices she makes motivates me to make healthy choices too. Vickie is currently at my goal weight; seeing what that looks like and the dedication it takes helps me to stay motivated to create a healthy lifestyle. Last year, Vickie even ran a half marathon with me as well as many other races (even though she doesn't really like running) just so that I could stay motivated and meet my goals!

All of that being said, get a buddy! It really is vital in the process.

Part 2: Running
On Saturday, I ran 6 miles for the first time since January. I was SO elated. I taped up my shins, took my inhaler, and set off on the Campbell park trail. I finally got that "I love running" feeling back. After my run, the endorphins were kickin' and I was planning out how I was going to jump back into the half marathon training plan. It was quite a successful weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


In order to keep with my "no french fries" deal and eating to fuel my body for workouts, I recently joined a free website recommended by my trainer, Casey Miranda. The website is . I absolutely love it! It not only has a food and activity tracker, but it gives a week long meal plan complete with a shopping list and recipes! It's pretty amazing. My username is should check it out!

And an, I haven't had french fries. :o)