Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good News!

Time for another update.

I got some great news today from the Physical Therapist! She said that I can do a slow, short jog as soon as I can go all day without the boot. For now, I have to start weaning myself off the boot. I am to start with 2-3 hours on, 2-3 hours off for a few days, and then gradually increase the off time. I can't wait to get back to running!!

The PT said that she thinks the main issue with my legs is that I have very little hip strength and flexibility. She said my body has basically been compensating for that with other muscles/bones. She gave me 6 exercises to start with that I have to do daily to work on that, and then when I see her a month from now, we'll start working on the actual shin problems. She said after feeling my bones that she thinks the actual fracture is on its way out, and we're dealing with severe shin splints at this point.

It was nice to get good news...I needed it!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Today is a good day for an update.

I went to the orthopedist on Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Cappiello told me that things are definitely getting better with my stress fracture, and he said we could trade the crutches in for a boot (air cast). Dr. Cappiello also said that he wished Dr. Bhaskar (my MD) had called him, because he would have started me with the boot in the first place. However, we both decided that because my leg doesn't hurt all day long anymore, the crutches served their purpose.

This boot is SO much better than being on crutches. My leg feels a lot better, but does get a little achy at the end of the day. I'll be starting physical therapy in two weeks, and Dr. Cappiello said that the physical therapist will determine when I can run again. Dr. Cappiello said that it could be 8 weeks before I take a "brisk walk" again, or it could be 12 depending on how the PT goes. At this point, I'll do anything to make this get better.

I asked the Ortho what caused this in the first place. When we talked about my running history, he said that most likely I ramped up my training too quickly after my last half marathon. Out of that, I realized that following a training plan is important not only to get you mentally ready, but physically, it allows your muscles to grow and change to handle the stress of the activity. I hadn't realized that muscles change based on what you're doing. Dr. C said that your muscles move and grow to support your bones based on the exercise you're doing. He also said that the PT will give me a training schedule specific to my injury that will allow me to run again.

This orthopedist was amazing. It was so refreshing to hear him say that his ultimate goal is to get me back out and running, and that exercising is a vital part of the recovery process. He said that I can try anything I want (except running) in the gym, and if it hurts, I scratch it off the list. I'm really looking forward to seeing what new things I will start doing in the gym. For now, he recommended weights, the stationary bike, and light squats, etc. He said to wait on the elliptical and treadmill until after I see the physical therapist. He also suggested I get a trainer...and smiled when I said I already had a great one! Lastly, Dr. C said I could email him with any questions I may have, especially ones related to exercise so that I don't hurt myself. He was definitely the best doctor I've ever seen. I highly recommend him!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Training Plans

Well, today's the day. I am seeing the orthopedist this afternoon, and can't WAIT.

Until then, I found these training plans on It gives beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans for many different races and sports (swimming, biking, running, etc.). Thought I'd share!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Being on crutches has given me a lot of insight into my life and the way I see things. In the last few days, I have had the chance to really take a look at how I view and respond to things. I am a firm believer that I am the driver of my life. I determine whether or not it is going to be a good day or a bad day, simply based on how I react to the situations that arise that day. If something less than stellar happens, I have two choices: I can get upset, or I can force myself to see the good in the situation. By looking for the good, I am able to keep myself on the road to meeting my matter what happens.

Most of this insight came to me today when I left my Weight Watchers meeting. I decided to go back to Weight Watchers because I knew I was going to need some serious accountability. I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything possible to keep making progress towards my goals, and being forced to weigh in once a week was just the kick in the pants that I needed. In the last week, I have lost 2..2 lbs! I was only hoping to maintain; apparently carrying myself around all day is a serious workout!

Although the situation I have put myself in is less than ideal, I can do things NOW to make it better. I can choose to not be stubborn and USE my crutches at all times (keep in mind, I've been walking around on this injury for 3 months, so the use of crutches has to be a conscious decision. Yes, there is pain when I walk, but it alone is not enough to keep me from doing it when I get frustrated) so that I am not right back where I started. I have plans for 3 more races in the future, and I want to be sure I can do them!

MRI results should come back this week...I'll keep you all posted. Until then, THINK POSITIVE!